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Dinosaur Valley Inn and Suites
Glen Rose

The walls of Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn & Suites exhibits 3 murals painted by a well acquainted western artist Stylle Read in 2005. They were unveiled in presence of Glen Rose residents, local government personnel and many others associated with the travel industry local and state level.

Each of the three murals represents historically significant structures or events that have helped shape the town. One mural simulates an early 1900’s scene of the town courthouse, showing it in its original form, well before its refurbishment. A second mural is a scene from the old town gas station, located off Hwy 67 between Cleburne and Glen Rose, which was constructed from petrified wood. Finally, the third mural is a tribute to the past, present and future of Glen Rose. The past is reflected by a group of cowboys pushing a herd of cattle across a dinosaur track laden Paluxy river bottom, while the present and future are characterized by the oil rigs predicted to dot the landscape in Somervell County as part of the lucrative Barnett Shale play.

“We and the community have a lot of pride in Glen Rose and are excited about the opportunity to memorialize the heritage of the town,” states the hotel’s owner. “In the nearly 8 years the hotel has been here, the people of Glen Rose have fully supported us and this is just another way we can show our appreciation and respect to the community”.

The artist, Stylle Read, has an extensive 25-year background of paintings and murals ranging from set design, exteriors, interiors and advertising art. His artwork can also be seen on buildings ranging from banks to restaurants to museums to hotels and even major airports.