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Fun for Kids

Dear Hotel,
The Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn and Suites is quite possibly the nicest Best Western I've ever seen, with a cozy western themed great room, a wrap around porch with rocking chairs, a fish pond with a waterfall and complimentary continental breakfast. Families with kids will appreciate the on-site pool and shaded kiddy pool, 15 person heated spa, bicycle rentals and complimentary popcorn each evening.

Deborah Dove Allen Image Magazine
Guest Review
Fun for Kids
Fun for Kids

The hotel has several indoor and outdoor activities for kids. One of them is our very popular "Wall of Fame" located in our hospitality room. We have several sketches of different species of dinosaurs that the kids get to choose from and color them with crayons. They can do this while enjoying the freshly popped pop corn and some hot chocolate! Once they finish their art work, they submit it to us at the front desk. We then, frame their work and display it on the "Wall of Fame". The drawing stays there for about a month or some times two and then we mail it back to the child with a souvenir. This is a very popular activity amongst children at our hotel for many years now. Our staff enjoy to get involved with the kids in doing this.

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Dinosaur World

Discovering Dinosaurs Activity Guide - Discovering Dinosaurs Activity Guide from will introduce you to the dinosaurs as we know them today and show how theories about them have changed. Each activity on the menu at the left explores one aspect of dinosaurs and contains links to additional information.

National Geographic Dinosaur Eggs - an online egg hunt and catch the excitement of fossil researchers as they “hatch” fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside. Tour our museum of dinosaur hatchlings, meet the modelers, and preview EXPLORER’s forthcoming television show about the “Dinosaur Hunters” of the Gobi desert. 

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